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What Patients Say

I have suffered with heel pain for approximately 2 years – mainly caused by constant training and playing on a firm surface. When I came to the clinic, an initial consultation took place with Rhys – who confirmed the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis on an ultrasound scan.  He suggested we treated it with Shock Wave therapy....but he also suggested the use of laser prior to it.
Alongside a stringent stretching and strengthening program....had 4 sessions of Laser and Shock Wave treatment – each separated by a week. By the end of the 4th week, I had experienced a 60% improvement in pain, particularly after training and first thing in the morning. I continued the strength training for another month and would estimate a 95% recovery now, with only mild discomfort after a game on an artificial pitch. This used to cause so much pain that I would limp. I would thoroughly recommend the DolorClast® Laser and Radial Shock Waves treatment for any particularly stubborn injuries, and I know where to go if my pain ever returns.

Jamie George
Professional Rugby Player at British Lion and England International Rugby, UK

As a dental hygienist, I’m always on my feet. For the last 7 years, I’ve suffered severe pain in my left foot. Even walking on the beach, I get shooting pain up my leg. As a result, I haven’t been able to wear any high heels without being in pain for hours afterwards. After just one DolorClast Shockwave Treatment, my pain was instantly gone. In only 7 minutes! It has literally been a game changer for me, I can’t believe how quickly it worked. I now recommend all my dental friends suffering back, neck, shoulder or with any muscle issue seek out shockwave therapy. It really works.

Tabitha Acret
Dental Hygienist, Newcastle NSW

This treatment helped me to be able to take part in the World Cup races... Thanks for the help. It was worth its weight in gold!

Aksel Lund Svindal
Alpine Skier & Olympic Gold Medalist

Having suffered with Plantar fasciitis for over 12 months and with increasing pain week by week I thought I had tried everything, doctor visits, strapping, manipulation, acupuncture, heat, cold, stretching, physio.....the best I had was temporary relief but within a few days it was back with a vengeance.....I'd started turning down social events because things were becoming just too difficult.
Then a friend suggested trying 'Shockwave' with Paul Morrisey.....The procedure was unlike anything I had before but was over quickly and for the first time in almost a year I felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Treatment proceeded over the coming weeks and I started to see a significant improvement. Both of my feet and my Achilles were affected so treatment spread over a couple of months but now I can walk further, stand longer and the pain, a constant for over a year has now gone. It has been an amazing and incredibly welcome journey I would and have recommended to others.

Anonymous patient
Treated at The Osteopathic Clinic - Croydon by Paul Morrissey

I had the chance to be treated with GDT for my tendinopathy. After 5 sessions,
I was pain-free and could continue competition.

Marie Desandre Navarre
Professional Kite Surfer

I was struggling with my back... On my third and fourth treatments with the shock wave
I was seeing real big improvements!

Stuart Appelby
PGA Golf Player & winner of a major championship

Thank you for helping me with my frozen and painful shoulder injury when Dr’s and Physio’s couldn’t help. Your laser and shock therapy assisted the healing and now I have full function and no pain. I am very grateful for your help and very happy enjoying yoga again.

Patient at Medical Aesthetic, South Melbourne 

How it works

What is Guided DolorClast® Therapy?​

GDT Patient Compass

Pain, stiffness, muscle twitches or burning sensations in your muscles? You’re most likely experiencing a musculoskeletal injury.

Originating from the EMS headquarters in Switzerland, Guided DolorClast® Therapy (GDT) is a safe, clinically proven non-surgical and non-invasive treatment protocol for 90% of all musculoskeletal disorders. Through a simple 6-step treatment plan, GDT assesses your pathology, treats it with DolorClast® Radial Shockwave Therapy (or Focused Shockwaves) and/or DolorClast®  High-Power Laser and combines it with prescribed rehabilitation exercises to guide you towards recovery.

No surgery = no downtime

No injections = no complications

No pain medications = no possibility of dependency

Guided DolorClast® Therapy activates the self-healing process where pain occurs. As a result, GDT:

> Tackles pain within 5 minutes
> Reduces the inflammation from the 1st session
> Repairs damaged muscle fibers and tendons
> Stimulates cartilage and bone healing

What is EMS DolorClast® Shockwave Therapy?


Over 100 million patients have undergone an EMS DolorClast® Shockwave Therapy treatment globally. Shockwave Therapy stimulates your body’s own natural healing properties to increase blood flow for immediate pain relief and create long-term healing. EMS is the proud Shockwave Therapy partner of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Osteopathy Australia.

What is EMS DolorClast® High-Power Laser?


The EMS DolorClast® 905nm High-Power Laser is for patients suffering inflammation, swelling and pain in the acute phase or individuals with a low-tolerance threshold of pain to provide fast-acting analgesia and to accelerate healing.

When can I start to feel better?

GDT Rehabilitate

Beneficial effects of Guided DolorClast® Therapy on pain and mobility are often experienced from the very 1st treatment session and the long-term healing benefits continue for months after your last treatment.

The number of sessions will vary depending on your pathology, pain severity and chronicity but an average of 3 to 8 sessions of combined therapies is often required.

Am I eligible for Guided DolorClast® Therapy?

GDT Assessment

Like 90% of patients suffering from an acute (< 3 months) or chronic (> 3 months) musculoskeletal disorder, you may benefit from a course of GDT treatments. Ask your GDT Practitioner today!

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